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Photo: Bjorn Wad
Photo: Bjorn Wad

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Orkla invests further in alternative proteins

Orkla Alternative Proteins has invested in the two start-ups Change Foods and Arkeon, which use unique technology to produce tomorrow’s cheese and proteins from CO2, respectively.

Change Foods is a start-up that makes cheese based on proteins produced through precision fermentation. Although cheese is the primary focus at present, the goal is to also use precision fermentation to make tasty, nutritious alternatives to other dairy products such as yoghurt, butter, ice cream and milk. Change Foods was established in 2019, has 15 employees and is located in the US state of California

The start-up company Arkeon Biotechnologies wants to produce alternative proteins from CO2 in a sustainable, cost-effective way. Through research they have identified a unique microorganism that can produce both essential and non-essential amino acids and peptides that will enhance the quality of plant-based products. The objective is to convert CO2 to food. The company was established in 2021 and is located in Vienna and Tulln, Austria.

“These investments are completely aligned with Orkla’s strategy of partnering with innovative technology companies that can contribute to even better products for our businesses and plant-based brands. Both companies use precision fermentation to create unique proteins in a sustainable and, over time, a more cost-effective way than the traditional meat and dairy industry. This is a technology platform that we firmly believe will play a key role in protein production in the future. Consumers are increasingly asking for healthier, more sustainable alternatives to meat and dairy products. Orkla’s ambition is to be one of Europe’s leading players in the alternative protein market by 2030,” says Elin Tveito Lidman, CEO of Orkla Alternative Proteins (OAP).

Elin Tveito Lidman, CEO Orkla Alternative Proteins
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Kari Westersund

Kari Westersund

Press contact SVP Communications +47 92 85 61 92

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